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Bicycle parts
 steering stops
 case and baskets
 CHAINGUARDS (chainring up to 28 teeth)
 CHAINGUARDS (chainring over 28 teeth)
 spoke protector
 covering pieces
 doll case
 tube caps
 acustic trumpet
Other articles

 Production of poultry breeding articles
 Handles for buinding hammers


The materials used to produce handles are of high quality and extremely strong.
This is the basic feature of our product set.

The special shape, the proportions and the considerable thickness, make the handle very strong.
The handle has an internal bar in glass-fibre, that makes it last long.

Transparent handle

When the handle is moulded in transparent colors, you can see the internal bar in glass-fibre.

Rubber Grips

The grips are made of thermoplastic rubber with a drawing in artificial anti-slide leather.
The grip of the tiler - handle is made of polyurethane, a knock-resistant material.

Handle measure
Ring measure *
Sledgehammer handle (mm. 280)
mm. 28 x 41
Tiler sledgehammer handle (mm.290)
mm. 28 x 41
Hammer handle mm.400
mm. 27 x 37
Hammer handle mm.500
mm. 27 x 37
Hammer handle mm.600
mm. 27 x 37

* Maximum measure of the handle width where the hammer is fit in.